Blink Once for a ‘Parasite’ Win…

He doesn’t like Hollywood. And he doesn’t like not-Hollywood. Don’t worry, though, he loves the South. And maybe “Home Alone 2” when it’s not airing on Canadian television.

President Trump yesterday criticized the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for handing its annual Best Picture prize to “Parasite,” the first time it has bestowed a foreign-language (i.e., not predominantly in English) film with its top honor.

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Status Update: In Praise of Constitutional Monarchy

I’ve been watching Season 1 of The Crown, Netflix’s series about Queen Elizabeth II. I’m intrigued by how small the stakes are — rarely life or death, the conflicts instead revolve around incremental gains or losses to status, respect and privacy. One episode deals with the queen breaking with tradition to make her husband, the prince, the head of her coronation committee. The duke who inherited the role is miffed.

It’s riveting television.

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