Dog Poop and Personal Rituals

My dog has his favorite spots to poop. It all looks like grass to me, but not to him. This can be frustrating when I need to get somewhere quickly and he’s waiting for just the perfect opportunity to loosen his bowels. Just get comfortable already, I want to say.

I should be more patient. We all have instances in which we need things a particular way and can’t totally explain why. The blinds should be flipped up but the toilet paper roll must face down. We want a big spoon for ice cream but can only eat cereal with a little spoon. Before we take a free throw, we have to blow a kiss to our family; after a goal, we must point up to the sky.

These are all little things that make us comfortable. Without them, things just don’t feel right. And regardless of their intrinsic value, they are important because peopleĀ feel they are.

So, pick your spot, buddy. I’ll wait.